Blackjack Betting Systems

Betting systems that utilize proper money management can significantly double your profits, especially in Blackjack games. If you are not proficient in money management, then, you are most likely to lose money unnecessarily.

Aside from grabbing windfall wins using splitting and doubling down strategies in Blackjack gaming, there are still a number of blackjack strategies that can boost your winnings in a Blackjack Game.

Take for instance the Martingale System. The system works by doubling every amount lost in a blackjack game in the next game. Example, if you lost $10, bet $20 on the next game. This way, you will regain all your losses in the blackjack game effectively. The reverse Martingale says otherwise. Blackjack betting must be doubled only after each win. Some blackjack experts do not suggest the use of this style since the player risks losing all his winnings in just one game.

In the next system of blackjack bet management, the player must decide on a minimum and a maximum bet for a blackjack game. Example, make a minimum bet of $30 and a maximum of $100. The minimum bet will take the place of the losing bet and the larger bet as the winning bet. Begin with the smaller amount and when you’re up to it, continue betting but this time, use the maximum bet until you lose. When you lose, start using the minimum bet again. It’s simple yet very effective.

Another system widely used in Blackjack gaming is based on a mathematical sequence. Increase your bets only when you have won. Example would be a starting bet of $5; when you win, increase it to $10 and so on. When you lose in the blackjack game, go back to your original bet of $5. This is effective in Blackjack since the money you lose is just the money you win. With a base of $5, the maximum amount you can lose in a game of blackjack is just $5, of course, if you know when to stop. Progressive increase in blackjack betting is typical among professional and advanced blackjack players.

The Up and Pull theory in Blackjack betting suggests that a player bet 2 units. When he wins, he bets the 1 unit on the next game. When he wins again, he progresses to bet the 2 more units. But when he loses, he can return to the original bet. Throughout the blackjack game, the player must advance to show proper management style.