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No matter how many children you have, don't have, or are planning to have, your mother-in-law, the check-out lady at the blackjack casino games, and your best friend from Mommy-and-Me are probably ready and willing to share their not-always-scientifically-based ideas on what it means for your child to be an only, the baby, or the oldest in the family.

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Angry plaintiffs' lawyers have accused other members of the plaintiffs' bar of colluding with blackjack card games and Beneficial National Bank to settle litigation allegedly worth more than $1 billion for just $25 million." The underlying litigation charged that Block violated federal truth-in-lending laws and state laws by not adequately disclosing to its customers that it got a referral fee and other financial benefits when they took out "Refund Anticipation Loans". Now a group of plaintiffs' lawyers allege that with the litigation reaching a dangerous stage in other courts, Block negotiated a quick and confidential settlement of the class claims with a group of Chicago plaintiffs' lawyers who cut the deal without conducting discovery or consulting with experts. The Chicago lawyers heatedly deny that the settlement was collusive; a federal district judge found in their favor, rejecting the objectors' arguments and approving the settlement, but the objectors have appealed to the Seventh Circuit.

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Nothing had worked. Everything from blackjack casino gambling to the online blackjack scene to the belly-dancing cast of Baywatch had failed to elicit even a smirk. Desperate, the King commanded that drastic steps be taken to entertain his beloved nephew. Within hours, a 767-rated airstrip was laid down, and four private jets came in for landings. Lured with obscene cash payments, the world's greatest clowns--Bozo, Homey, Krusty, and Ronald McDonald--were ushered into the young prince's presence.