Everything about Bluffing in Blackjack

Bluffing, dear players, is not restricted solely to the poker tables. Bluffing can also be effective in the blackjack tables. So if you wish to know more about how to win in blackjack through sheer bluffing, this article is definitely for you!

Our topic shall be divided into two parts. The first will cover the basic points of bluffing while the second part shall reveal to you when it’s CRUCIAL for players to bluff in blackjack.

How to Bluff in Blackjack Mirror Practice – Check your reflection in the mirror and find yourself a good inscrutable expression you could use in blackjack. Memorize all its nuances because you’ll be using this permanently in the blackjack tables. Think of yourself, if you will, as the Blackjack Player in the Iron Mask.

Mind Over Matter – No matter what’s happening in the blackjack table or what the other blackjack players are doing, don’t let them affect you! This is a skill to achieve when playing blackjack and can win you lots of money when perfected.

When to Bluff in Blackjack Knowing when to bluff is extremely vital because choosing the wrong moment to do so could you lose you lots of money and maybe even give you away entirely.

Blackjack! – If you have a natural blackjack in your hands, you’re not required to bluff because a natural blackjack is an automatic winner. On the other hand, if and when you’ve split your aces or doubled down and got a blackjack, that’s the time to bluff! Make it seem like you’re worried so that the other blackjack players at the blackjack table would be prodded into confidently increasing their bet size.

Hard 17 or 18 – You’ve got a relatively good blackjack hand but it’s important to not let others know so by bluffing. You could do this in two ways. One, you could bluff that you’ve got the worst blackjack hand possible. This would give them false confidence. Two, you could make them think you’ve got a GREAT blackjack hand and bluff them into surrendering (if that option is allowed).

Bad Blackjack Hand – If the blackjack table you’re playing in doesn’t allow surrender, your last resort would be to draw a card. Do so slowly, as if showing the utmost reluctance to improve your blackjack hand. This would make the other players assume that you’re not sure about taking a risk of busting your hand. Obviously, your move is implying that you already have a good hand when of course, the opposite is true.