Card Counting and its Effectiveness in Blackjack

For most blackjack professionals, there are only two ways to gain an upper hand in the game that’s said to have the lowest house advantage – card counting and shuffle tracking. And we’ll be concentrating on card counting alone in this article.

The Concept of Card Counting A lot of people tend to disbelieve the effectiveness of card counting as a blackjack strategy. On the other hand, there are also a lot of people who strongly believe that mastering card counting will completely guarantee victory in the blackjack table. The only way to find out who’s telling the truth is to try card counting and see for yourself if it’s effective or not.

It’s easy to explain how card counting works. Basically, a player tries to count or take note of the cards being played and use this information to gauge whether or not the deck is rich in tens and face cards. A deck that’s indeed rich in tens and face cards is always good for blackjack players because there’s a higher probability any of you would get a natural blackjack. On the other hand, a deck that’s rich in low cards is always better for the blackjack dealer and the casino.

Like I said, card counting is fairly easy to explain – what’s hard is applying it in real life. The actual act of card counting takes a long time to practice but if you’re truly determined to master the concept, it would only take you a few months or so to excel at gauging the richness of a deck when it comes to the cards you’re hoping for.

Please be aware that it’s very foolhardy to try card counting when you’re a novice blackjack player and still relatively unfamiliar with the basic strategies used in the game. Card counting wouldn’t be as effective as it meant to be if you don’t know what to do when you get the cards you’ve been aiming for. And card counting wouldn’t work at all if you don’t even know why you’re gunning for aces, tens and face cards!

Secondly, no matter how skilled a blackjack player you are, it would be totally futile to try card counting when playing blackjack online. In online games, cards are repeatedly and consistently shuffled so there’s no way of keeping track of the cards you’re aiming for.

We hope you learned something new about card counting. Do try applying what you’ve learned and we’ll wait for your feedback! Good luck counting cards!