A List of Important Free Blackjack Reminders

The free blackjack reminders compiled in this article shall ensure that players would play better, win more and have greater fun in blackjack.

  • #1 Always look for a blackjack game that allows DOA – doubling on any two cards. Most variants, you see, limit players to doubling down only on either 10 or 11. Naturally, this limits your chances on winning.
  • #2 When DOA is allowed any you double down after splitting, do you know that you are reducing the house advantage by .13%? Amazing, isn’t it? It’s no surprise why many players love blackjack then!
  • #3 If you find yourself reluctant to double down simply because you’re not willing to lose twice as much money that you ordinarily cough out, there’s only one way to solve your problem: change tables!
  • Find a table where the bet size, even doubled, wouldn’t even make you sweat one bit. Doubling down is an important strategy in blackjack but experience is the only way to master this strategy.

  • #4 Even though your cards have a soft 18 or 19, it’s still better to stand than hit another card and risk ruining your hand for nothing. 18 and 19, after all, are just two or three points away from the magic 21. That should be enough. And even if your hand loses, know that you did the best thing possible in such a situation.
  • #5 If you do get a 10 or 11, double down.
  • #6 If you receive par ace for your first two cards, split them into two hands. Always!
  • #7 Par 8 are also better when split apart.
  • #8 Pair 9s as well are better off when split into two hands. Trust us!
  • #9 Never split 10’s. You already have a good hand. Why split it?
  • #10 Don’t take insurance. It’s like sticking a knife to yourself! More or less.
  • #11 If you’re allowed to surrender, do so if your hand is equal to 16 and the dealer reveals any high card for himself.
  • #12 Surrender as well if your hand is equal to 15 and the dealer shows a 10 or face card.
  • We hope you greatly enjoyed our free blackjack reminders. Don’t forget to put these all into use the next time you play. Wow them with your newly improved strategy, alright?