Shuffle Tracking : An Effective Blackjack Strategy

Could it possibly be true? Could there be a way to make the odds of blackjack even more favorable than they already are? Everybody knows that blackjack is the casino game with the lowest house advantage so it’s pretty mind-blowing to accept the fact that there’s also a strategy players can use to further improve the odds.

But yes indeed, it’s true and this blackjack strategy is simply known as shuffle tracking.

Now, before we go on explaining the concept of shuffle tracking, we want you to keep in mind the following conditions or situations in which shuffle tracking would not work at all: Playing blackjack online is certainly a situation in which shuffle tracking is as helpless as a blackjack hand made of 2 and 3. There is no way for shuffle tracking to be effective in online blackjack games because your blackjack dealer is a computer and computers don’t make mistakes, remember?

No Mid-Shoe Entry – This is actually the casino’s polite way of saying “NO SHUFFLE TRACKERS ALLOWED”. Casinos are naturally aware that given the proper time to observe, shuffle trackers can greatly increase the odds in their favor and so to prevent this from happening, they’ve decided to bar any player from joining a blackjack table in the middle of the game.

Unlike card counting, shuffle tracking is a relatively new blackjack strategy so if you’ve been trying to research about it, you’ll notice that there are not as much articles written about it as there are about card counting.

But it pays to be forearmed so let’s start learning how to shuffle track.

The basic principle in shuffle tracking is that cards tend to cluster or group together in certain parts of a multi-deck shoe (it’s very rare that you’ll be playing blackjack with the use of only a single deck). As a shuffle tracker, it’s your job to determine where those cards are and how to benefit from this knowledge.

Another good explanation of shuffle tracking is that it’s a science of following certain cards as it gets shuffled and determining how to use that information to utilize the cards for yourself or make sure that they’re not going to benefit others.

Statistically speaking, a deck of cards must be shuffled at least 20-30 times to achieve random blackjack hands for the players. And since that’s pretty impossible when you’re using multi-decks in the game, this can be seen as immediate proof in which shuffle tracking can indeed help you win the game!

But of course, shuffle tracking takes practice so don’t give up when it’s been weeks and you still haven’t been able to even track one card successfully. Practice makes perfect! So keep on practicing!