Blackjack Table Etiquette for Novice Players

When you’re playing blackjack in the casino, it’s very important to observe common courtesy. If you think that instruction’s a little vague, read on to find out about the important Dos and Don’ts that can turn you into an exemplary blackjack player with exquisite blackjack table manners.

Rule # 1 – Don’t Talk When It’s Uncool
And when we say uncool, we refer to situations when the heat is definitely on and the players are deadly serious about the game. In times like that, it’s naturally impolite for someone to talk loudly or do something that would qualify as a distraction.

So remember, while you generally shouldn’t talk when your mouth is full, casinos also require you not to talk when it’s uncool to talk. Uncool and irritating!

Rule #2 – Don’t Do to Others What You Don’t Want Them to Do to You
In short, karma dear folks! Don’t do anything that would earn you the wrath or enmity of the blackjack dealer or any of your fellow blackjack players.

Rule #3 – Mind Your Own Business!
There are two ways to interpret this rule.

First it may mean that you should stick to observing your cards and not try to peek at anyone else’s. In a nutshell, no cheating!

Its second meaning may simply mean refraining from blaming other players for your bad luck or losing streak. There are times when some blackjack players actually blame one of their fellow players for their losses because they made a move that enabled the dealer to win.

That is never a good assumption to make. Not only is it a nonsensical thing to do, it’s immature as well!

Rule #4 – Cheer Appropriately
Do not make loud cheers that could distract the players.

Secondly, if majority of the crowd is rooting for a particular player, do not even try to go against the tide by cheering for the other player because that’s just like asking for trouble. If you’re not a close friend or relative of the unpopular player, please just pray for your bet SILENTLY.

Rule #5 – Ask First
Before joining a blackjack game that has a vacant chair, always ask the dealer first if there’s someone who owns the seat before claiming it for your own.

Rule #6 – Be Calm
This is, above all things, just a game. So if something untoward actually happens like believing someone is cheating, always act calm and rational. A cool head always gets you somewhere while a hot head can get you nowhere at all!